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Jeez man

2009-08-12 20:18:15 by mrpibbs1

Well I'll be honest with you. rEALMS3 is coming along very slowly. The reason for that is there is so much other stuff going on and I'm sooo lazy. Some of the other distracting things I'm doing are: Making about 3 or 4 other games and I have a ton of video games and shit I'm always playing them. Speaking of which, I just recently played the Batman: Arkham Asylum demo and it's totally fun and I'm glad I preordered because I get a T shirt and a mother fuckin' batarang. Some other stuff is I'm kind of making a map in Hammer Editor. I'm also doing some music stuff, trying to end 2 songs... Also I came up with the most amazing spectacular idea for a video game with my friend and we've built on it alot though I'm
annoyed because it's something that would be hard to make. As in it's a first person shooter. Well not quite shooter because it's mostly melee weapons, guns would be kind of rare. See, it would be an Action/Horror/Comedy/Stealth/Fighting game. The only thing I could do to make that game would to design the game world(it would be open world) and music and maybe some voice work. I might try studying some bigger stuff to be able to make those kinds of games for later on. But for now I should finish rEALMS3. Just to let you know, R3 is extremely higher quality than R2 and R1. Really extremely.

Alrighto, I'm going to go take a freezing cold shower and then I'm going to do some rEALMS3 and jackov and others
Hmmm.... how about a picture

Jeez man


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2009-08-13 01:40:28

Hold the phone... does that batarang work?

mrpibbs1 responds:

Works better than a hard working gardener. Well actually, I don't know. Because the game isn't out yet. But I will find out!


2009-08-14 08:08:17

Holy crap is that the special edition Vin Diesel Proffesor X?

mrpibbs1 responds:

I wish.. It's actually a guy named Sticky Fingaz. I guess becaue he jacks off alot or something and doesn't clean up afterwards.


2009-08-15 19:07:49

Are you talking about the Sword Engine?

mrpibbs1 responds:



2009-08-18 18:40:40

Nice brosef oh BTW here's da real sticky fingaz brudda mmmhhhmmm cky_hand.jpg

mrpibbs1 responds:

lololol yea thats sticky fingazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
im sleeping zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


2009-08-18 22:57:51



2009-08-26 19:33:37

How about no

mrpibbs1 responds:

How about sure man why the hecko wecko necko not!


2009-08-28 16:14:29

Hey! I thought you didn't get a batarang you dirty Filipino!

(Updated ) mrpibbs1 responds:

I know! It's sad aint it.
I preordered Batman: Arkham Asylum and all I got was this lousy T-shirt